Former Venezuelan Diplomat Sentenced to 20 Years for Murder of Acting Ambassador in Nairobi

Former Venezuelan diplomat Dwight Sagaray has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of Olga Fonseca, the acting ambassador of Venezuela in Nairobi. The grim events unfolded in 2012 when Fonseca was tragically discovered strangled in her bedroom shortly after assuming her assignment in the Kenyan capital.

The trial, which took place in January, saw Sagaray, who held the position of first secretary at the Venezuelan embassy, convicted of the assassination along with three Kenyan nationals. As of January, all four defendants are set to begin serving their sentences for their roles in the crime.

Sagaray’s fall from diplomatic immunity was a critical turning point in this complex case, allowing authorities to bring him to trial for murder. Prior to the incident, Sagaray was in a position of power, commanding the mission before Fonseca’s arrival. Reports suggest that his dissatisfaction with her presence stemmed from a desire to maintain control over the embassy.

The late Olga Fonseca’s assignment to Nairobi came after the departure of the previous ambassador, who left amid sexual harassment allegations. This further complicated the atmosphere surrounding her tenure in the embassy.

In the aftermath of the trial, a surprising twist occurred when the fifth accused person, Kipng’eno Kirui Chelogoi, was exonerated. Insufficient evidence was found linking him to either the other suspects or the crime scene, leading to his acquittal.

While the court has meted out justice to most of those involved, one suspect remains at large, prompting a valid arrest warrant to be issued for their apprehension. Authorities continue their efforts to bring this fugitive to justice and close the chapter on this tragic and tumultuous case.