Canadian Authorities Solve Rape & Murder Case After 48 Years

Canadian authorities have solved a chilling cold case dating back to 1975. New DNA evidence has connected Franklin Maywood Romine, a man who died in West Virginia over four decades ago, to the rape and murder of 16-year-old Sharron Prior in Longueuil, Quebec.

The case had remained unresolved for years, haunting the community and leaving Prior’s family desperate for answers. However, recent advancements in forensic technology enabled investigators to make a crucial breakthrough.

The breakthrough came when DNA evidence collected at the crime scene was compared to a sample obtained from Romine’s exhumed body, which had been buried in a cemetery in West Virginia. The analysis confirmed a match, establishing Romine as the perpetrator of the heinous crime.

Sharron Prior’s disappearance in 1975 left her family devastated and the community in shock. Despite extensive efforts by law enforcement agencies at the time, the case went cold, leaving investigators and loved ones with unanswered questions.

Romine, who had a history of criminal activity, including a resemblance to a witness’s physical description, became a person of interest during the initial investigation. He had attempted to escape from the West Virginia penitentiary in 1964 and eventually succeeded in 1967. In 1974, he was arrested in Parkersburg, West Virginia, for breaking into a residence and raping a woman.

Canadian authorities eventually apprehended Romine and extradited him to West Virginia, where he was convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for sexual assault. However, the circumstances surrounding his demise in Canada in 1982, shortly after his release, remain unknown.

The resolution of this cold case serves as a testament to the relentless determination of law enforcement agencies in their pursuit of justice. It also highlights the power of advancements in DNA analysis, which continue to play a pivotal role in solving long-standing mysteries.

The breakthrough has brought a sense of closure to Sharron Prior’s family, who have lived with the pain and uncertainty of her tragic fate for decades. In a statement released by the family’s spokesperson, they expressed gratitude to the investigators and hope that this development will prevent other families from enduring a similar ordeal.

The Longueuil Police Department, in collaboration with other agencies, will continue to delve into the details surrounding Romine’s involvement in the case. As they unravel the truth, they aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the events that unfolded in 1975, offering solace to the victim’s family and the community at large.

While this case represents a significant breakthrough, it also serves as a stark reminder that justice can sometimes take decades to prevail. The resolve of law enforcement agencies and advancements in forensic techniques continue to hold promise for uncovering the truth behind other cold cases, offering hope to families who have long awaited answers.