Businessman Sentenced to Life in Prison for Plotting Haitian President’s Assassination

A federal court judge in Florida has sentenced Haitian-Chilean businessman, Rodolphe Jaar, to life in prison for his involvement in the chilling plot to assassinate Haitian President Jovenel Mose in 2021. This shocking revelation sheds light on the extent of the conspiracy that resulted in the untimely death of President Mose and severe injuries to his wife.

Jaar, who pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit homicide or kidnapping outside the United States and providing material support leading to death, played a significant role in orchestrating the “commando-style” attack on President Mose’s residence in Port-au-Prince. His sinister collaboration with a group of Colombian mercenaries ultimately led to the tragic loss of the Haitian leader’s life.

According to damning judicial documents, Jaar facilitated the operation by providing both funds and personnel for the kidnapping of President Mose. However, what started as a kidnapping plot took a dark turn and degenerated into a cold-blooded murder. A portion of the funds supplied by Jaar was utilized to acquire firearms and bribe the president’s security detail, allowing the conspirators to carry out their ruthless act.

Jaar stands as the only individual among the eleven arrested and charged in the United States who has admitted guilt. The trial for the remaining accused is slated to commence in Miami next month, although there is a possibility of a delay. His alleged accomplices, a shocking mix of politicians, industrialists, and military figures hailing from various nations, are set to face justice for their roles in the sinister plot.

Colombian authorities have disclosed that one of the conspirators received a staggering $50,000 for their participation in the assassination conspiracy, underscoring the gravity of the heinous crime. The extradition of one of the co-conspirators from Jamaica last year, as revealed by the U.S. Department of Justice, unraveled the intricate details of the plot that sent shockwaves across the world.

The assassination of President Mose has been unequivocally denounced as an “act of barbarity” and an “attack on democracy” by Haitian authorities. The impact of this ruthless act was further elucidated by Martine Marie Étienne Mose, the wife of the late President, who, fortunately, has recovered from her injuries. She expressed that her husband’s assassins sought to obliterate his vision, aspirations, and ideology for Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere.