German Authorities Launch Nationwide Investigations Into Climate Activists

German authorities have launched nationwide investigations into Letzte Generation, a climate protest group, following allegations that the organization is involved in criminal activities. The searches, which took place across seven German states, involved 170 police officers and targeted 15 properties associated with the group.

The Bavarian state criminal police office (LKA) initiated the inspections after receiving numerous criminal complaints against seven members of Letzte Generation. The group is suspected of either establishing or supporting a criminal organization, as well as engaging in activities such as blocking roads, adhering to bridges, throwing substances at paintings, and attempting to sabotage an oil pipeline.

In addition to the alleged criminal activities, Letzte Generation had also launched a donation campaign to raise €1.4 million, intended to fund their legal battles. This development suggests that the group is preparing to face legal consequences in relation to the ongoing investigations.

The investigations took a significant turn when two defendants were also linked to an attempted sabotage of the Trieste-Ingolstadt oil pipeline in April 2022, according to the LKA. These additional allegations further underscore the severity of the accusations against Letzte Generation and could potentially result in more serious legal consequences for the individuals involved.

Letzte Generation has gained attention in Germany for its efforts to raise awareness about the perceived lack of immediate action by the government in response to the climate emergency. The group has been advocating for various measures, including the implementation of a speed limit on autobahns and the promotion of affordable public transportation.

During the 2021 federal election, members of Letzte Generation staged a hunger strike in front of the Bundestag, seeking to draw attention to their cause and put pressure on political leaders to address their concerns.

In response to the recent raids, Letzte Generation took to Twitter to express their discontent, criticizing the focus on their group and calling for action against lobbying structures associated with the fossil fuel industry. It remains to be seen how the group will navigate the ongoing investigations and whether these developments will have any impact on their future activities and influence.