Eleven Killed as Russian Volunteers Open Fire on Own Troops

Russian troops training

At least 11 people have been killed and 15 wounded following a shooting at a military training ground in the Belgorod region in south-western Russia, with the Russian defense ministry confirming that two volunteers had opened fire on their fellow troops.

Calling the incident a terrorist attack, the ministry said in a statement that the two shooters were nationals from a former Soviet republic and had been killed by return fire.

The two terrorists were eliminated in return fire,” the statement, cited by the Russian news agency Tass, said.

Baza, a Russian news site with close ties to the police, reported that the shooting took place at 10am local time during shooting practice.

The event demonstrates growing tensions among Russia’s troops, an issue that has plagued its army since the beginning of the war and is only set to escalate.

President Vladimir Putin’s decision to order a mobilization of Russian troops has prompted unprecedented dissent across the country, and prompted the flight of hundreds of thousands unwilling to fight.

The first of those newly-drafted troops are now joining the frontline, with the first conscripts believed to have already been killed in action. Anger in Russia is growing amid reports of inexperienced soldiers being sent to fight with little training, even among those that have been supportive of the war.