Investigation Launched After British Man Struck by Lightning in Greece

The demise of a British man who was reportedly struck by lightning while paddleboarding in Greece has prompted an investigation.

According to local media, the unidentified man was swimming off the coast of Agia Agathi, Rhodes, while his girlfriend filmed him from the shore.

The Rhodes port authority verified to the PA news agency that the man was 26 years old and a British national, but declined to provide any additional information.

A spokesperson stated, “This is an ongoing investigation, so we cannot provide further information at this time.”

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office stated, “We are assisting the family of a British man who passed away in Rhodes and are in communication with local authorities.”

On Monday, around 1.30 p.m. local time, the Greek newspaper Rodiaki reported that lightning struck the water near the man, causing him to tumble into the water injured.

The newspaper reported that a Brazilian footballer who plays for a local team waded into the water and pulled the victim to safety. He was then transported to a local hospital before being pronounced deceased.