Conflict Claims Lives of Dozens of Children in Sudanese Orphanage

Troops in Sudan

At least 60 children, including infants and toddlers, have lost their lives in the past six weeks due to horrific conditions and ongoing conflict outside a Sudanese orphanage. Disturbing reports from doctors, volunteers, administrators, and orphanage staff paint a grim picture of the increasingly dire circumstances faced by the children at the al-Mayqoma orphanage in Khartoum.

Over the weekend, the death toll surged as 26 young lives were claimed, with most succumbing to starvation and fever-related complications. Documents, photos, and videos emerging from the institution reveal distressing scenes, depicting the bodies of children prepared for burial and distraught toddlers, underscoring the extent of the crisis.

The records of deaths and statements from orphanage staff members have confirmed the heartbreaking reality that even infants as young as three months old were among the victims. As the situation continues to deteriorate, workers at the orphanage fear that more lives will be lost unless immediate action is taken, prompting an urgent plea for the evacuation of the vulnerable children.

The conflict in Khartoum, which intensified around mid-April, has transformed once bustling cities into battlefields, taking a heavy toll on the lives of innocent civilians, particularly children. According to the Sudanese Doctors’ Syndicate, a staggering total of 860 civilians have lost their lives in the ongoing clashes, and devastatingly, at least 190 of them were children.