Two of Four Americans Kidnapped in Mexico Found Dead

Mexican police

Two of the four Americans kidnapped in northern Mexico have been discovered dead, while their two companions have been found alive, bringing an end to the frantic search for the group.

At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, the governor of the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, Américo Villarreal, confirmed the news and stated that one person who had been discovered guarding the victims was in custody.

The four Americans were discovered in a wooden house on the outskirts of Matamoros, according to the governor, who added that their captors had moved them several times to elude the authorities.

Villarreal stated that the Americans had traveled to Mexico for “cosmetic surgery.”

Additionally, the governor stated that an uninjured woman and an injured male were handed over to US authorities in Texas earlier in the day. The names of the two survivors are Latavia McGee and Eric James Williams.

The state prosecutor of Tamaulipas, Irving Barrios Mojica, stated that “confusion” rather than a targeted attack against the group was the most probable explanation for the kidnapping.

The four Americans traveled from Brownsville, Texas, across the border to Matamoros, Tamaulipas, where one of them reportedly intended to undergo a tummy surgery. They were driving a white minivan with North Carolina license plates. Unidentified assailants fired upon and abducted them shortly thereafter.

A Mexican woman was also killed during the kidnapping.