German Police Officer Shot in Reichsbürger Raids

German police officers

A German police officer was shot and injured during nationwide operations targeting the far-right Reichsbürger (Citizens of the Reich) movement, which is accused of conspiring to overthrow the government.

Prosecutors said a man identified only as Markus L was detained on suspicion of multiple counts of attempted murder and grievous bodily harm after shots were discharged in the southern town of Reutlingen, close to Stuttgart.

In December, police foiled a conspiracy by Reichsbürger movement members, who do not recognize modern-day Germany as a legitimate state, to stage a violent coup and install Heinrich XIII, Prince of Reuß as national leader.

Prosecutors stated that the investigations in eight German states and Switzerland targeted five individuals suspected of belonging to a terrorist organization, as well as 14 additional individuals who were not suspects but may have possessed useful material.

Several personnel of the German security services were among the suspects and witnesses whose homes were searched, according to Spiegel Online. It was also stated that investigators were interested in three police officers, four reservists, and a naval commander.

Prosecutors were unavailable for immediate comment.

Germany’s federal domestic intelligence service, the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, placed the Reichsbürger movement under observation in 2016.