Three Survivors Rescued 11 Days After Turkey Earthquake

A collapsed building following the earthquake

Three survivors have been rescued from the rubble 11 days after a devastating earthquake in Turkey that has killed more than 45,000 people.

Despite the fact that many international rescue teams have departed the wide quake zone, survivors continue to emerge from beneath a myriad of collapsed homes.

Hakan Yasinoglu, in his forties, was rescued in the southern province of Hatay 278 hours after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in the middle of the night on February 6th, according to the Istanbul fire department.

Osman Halebiye, 14, and Mustafa Avci, 34, were rescued earlier in the medieval city of Antakya, Turkey. While Avci was being transported, he was connected to a video connection with his parents, who showed him their newborn child.

“I had completely lost all hope. This is a true miracle. They gave me my son back. I saw the wreckage and I thought nobody could be saved alive from there,” Avci’s father said.

The current death toll in Turkey is 39,672, making this the deadliest natural disaster in the country’s modern history. However, this number is expected to climb given that the earthquake destroyed 264,000 homes and many individuals remain unaccounted for.

In neighboring Syria, which has been ravaged by civil war for more than a decade, authorities have reported more than 5,800 dead. The price has remained unchanged for days.

According to experts, the majority of rescues occur 24 hours after an earthquake. However, an adolescent girl was rescued 15 days after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, raising hope that more individuals would be located.

Neither Turkey nor Syria has reported the number of individuals still missing following the earthquake.