Man Killed by Shark Attack in Australia

A 59-year-old Australian tourist has been killed by a shark near a popular beach in the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia.

The man was swimming along a pontoon approximately 150 meters from the beach in Nouméa’s capital on Sunday when the shark attacked and bit him multiple times, according to authorities.

Two individuals sailing a nearby boat returned him to the beach, where emergency responders attempted to resuscitate him. His leg and both arms were severely injured, and he died at the site despite getting heart massage.

At the time of the incident at Chateau-Royal beach just south of Nouméa, many people were in the water and witnessed it. Police evacuated the area following a panicky rush back onto the beach.

The city’s mayor, Sonia Lagarde, ordered the closure of the majority of beaches and the capturing of tiger and bull sharks in the surrounding waters.

According to authorities, drones were used to monitor them, and two were spotted before operations were terminated at dusk.

Yves Dupas, a local prosecutor, stated that an inquiry would shed additional light on the circumstances surrounding the incident, which occurred within the area patrolled by lifeguards.

A swimmer, 49 years old, was severely injured by a shark near the Chateau-Royal beach last month. A few days later, a surfer was attacked by a shark but escaped without injury.