Jacinda Arden’s Office Attacked by 57-Year-Old Woman

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

A woman has been arrested following an attack on the Auckland office of Jacinda ardern, while the New Zealand prime Minister is in Antarctica.

According to news outlet Stuff, the 57-year old was taken into custody after being arrested at a house in Coatesville, and is still being detained.

Police and fire personnel attended Ardern’s central suburb of Morningside electorate office on Thursday morning.
Stuff said that a person was seen smashing the office door and throwing things inside, before smoke was seen coming from the building.

According to Stuff, a large knife that appeared to be either a machete or small sword was also found on the footpath. Journalists heard firefighters warn the shop owner not to touch the machete handle.

Police said they are investigating a report of willful damage at an address along Great North Road.

A released statement said: “The incident occurred at 8.20 AM. An object was thrown through the window.”

“A scene examination will take place and inquiries continue.”

Stuff reported that no injuries were confirmed, and that the building was empty at the time as its office-holder was almost 5000 km away in the southernmost region of the planet.