At Least Six Killed After Russian Military Jet Crashes Into Residential Building

A picture of the fire uploaded to social media

At least six people have been killed after a Russian military jet crashed into a residential building shortly after takeoff near the Ukrainian border.

The Russian defense ministry confirmed that an Su-34 fighter-bomber had crashed into the building, citing the cause as an engine fire which prevented the jet from gaining altitude.

In addition to the six confirmed deaths a 19 people were injured and further six are missing. Both pilots managed to eject from the jet before it struck the building, the ministry said.

Footage uploaded to social media showed the residential building in Yeysk, a port town in Russia that lies across the Sea of Azov from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, engulfed in flames. One striking photo caught the moment one of the pilots ejected from the plane, deploying an orange parachute against the backdrop of a huge fireball.

The jet, which is commonly used on bombing runs, was carrying a payload which detonated after impact, hampering attempts to bring the fire under control. Firefighters were unable to get close enough to tackle the blaze for several hours.

The defense ministry confirmed it is not treating the incident as suspected foul play.