Russian Oil Executive Dead After Apparent Fall From Window

Oil magnate Ravil Maganov with Vladimir Putin

A senior executive of a Russian company has died after falling from the window of a Moscow hospital, months after his company criticized the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The death of Ravil Maganov, the chair of the board of directors of Lukoil, has sparked speculation not only due to his company’s position against the Kremlin’s military campaign but also as it follows a number of other suspicious deaths among people connected to the Russian energy industry since the February 24th invasion.

Half a dozen businesspeople with ties to the industry have died in apparent suicides or accidents since the launch of operations in Ukraine. None of the deaths have been classified as murders by Russian authorities.

There was also confusion as to how exactly this latest death occurred, with media reporting that Maganov “fell from a window at Central clinical hospital”, while Lukoil said he had “passed away following a severe illness”. Furthermore state-run news agency Tass claimed that Maganov had taken his own life, citing a source in Russia’s security services.

Maganov’s death has attracted particular scrutiny due to Lukoil’s critical position over the invasion of Ukraine, publicly calling for a ceasefire just one week after Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of Moscow’s “special military operation”.

“Calling for the soonest termination of the armed conflict, we express our sincere empathy for all victims who are affected by this tragedy,” the board of directors of Lukoil said. “We strongly support a lasting ceasefire and a settlement of problems through serious negotiations and diplomacy.”