China Confirms Dates for 20th Communist Party Congress

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese state media has announced that the ruling Communist party will begin its 20th congress on October 16th, with it expected that President Xi Jinping will consolidate his position as the country’s most powerful leader in decades by securing a third term.

Despite significant political difficulties for the Chinese premier, with deteriorating international relations coupled by domestic unrest over strict Covid policies, there is no serious challenge to his leadership and although unprecedented in the modern era his third term appears all but certain.

A new top leadership lineup is expected to be announced at the meeting, which is held every five years.

The meeting will be “extremely important”, according to a report by the state broadcaster CCTV, which said that preparations were “progressing smoothly”.

More than 2,000 Communist party delegates from across the country will travel to Beijing to select members of the party’s central committee of about 200 members.

The central committee will then vote for the 25-person politburo and its standing committee, the highest level of power in the Chinese leadership structure comprising of seven people.

Whilst delegates officially have a vote, the reality is that the appointments have been decided in advance and the process is just for show.

Chinese officials are yet to announce a proposed end date for the congress.