Russia Uses New Laser Weapons in Ukraine, Zelenskiy Mocks ‘Wonder Weapon’

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy

Vladimir Borisov says Russia is using new laser weapons in Ukraine and says the first prototypes are already in use. The new weapon, named Zadira, is developed at the Sarov center for nuclear weapons research. The US military hasn’t seen any evidence to support that claim, according to a senior Pentagon official. But Zelenskiy mocked the use of the new ‘wonder weapon’, saying it was a “wonder weapon.”

A Russian military official has said that a prototype of one of the new weapons could be used to shoot down drones from three miles away. However, Zelenskiy says this is propaganda. The Ukrainian president has responded to this claim by mocking it. The president of Ukraine is calling the claims ‘fake news’, and the Kremlin has admitted to using a new weapon in the past.

There are concerns about the dangers of these weapons. One of the biggest concerns is that these laser weapons could blind Ukrainian soldiers. In addition, they’re incompatible with the United States, which is a signatory of the UN’s 1995 protocol. The document also bans the use of weapons that cause excessive injury or indiscriminate impact on enemy soldiers.

Despite concerns over the Russian military’s use of new laser weapons in the Ukraine, many observers have said that the new weapon’s high-tech design makes it unlikely to kill a drone. Zelensky, a former intelligence official, said that if Russia is using a ‘wonder weapon’ in Ukraine, it’s not aiming for the same end. It’s a propaganda device that’s designed to instill fear in the minds of enemies.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military is defending itself by using re-deployable small drones. These are reportedly designed to strike specific targets. Although the number of surrendered fighters has not been confirmed by the Ukrainian government, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar told a press conference that negotiations were underway to release the remaining fighters.