Powerful Storm Rips Through Ontario, Killing at Least Two

A storm batters Ontario

A powerful storm tore through the center of Canada on Saturday, cutting power to nearly a million people and killing at least two people. The storm ripped off the roof of a local brewery in Uxbridge, Ont., and several homes were destroyed by debris.

In Hammond, Ont., families were forced to evacuate. Doug Ford’s campaign office says the governor-elect will suspend campaign activities. He was exposed to radon gas in his home, but he has since suspended his campaign activities.

At least two deaths were confirmed in the Greater Toronto Area. Several deaths were reported outside the GTA, including in Ottawa, where one person was killed and two others injured. The Ottawa Police Service confirmed one death, but did not release any other details.

Three people suffered non-life-threatening injuries and trees were blown over. The winds were as high as 132 km/h at the Kitchener airport.

Emergency crews are working to restore power to more than half a million people. The storm lasted over two hours, with the power of a tornado. The storm damaged homes and disrupted traffic. Emergency crews are restoring power to homes and businesses.

The storm was so powerful that it took out trees and power lines. Several trees were uprooted, and emergency crews were swamped with calls for help. In Brampton, a woman in her 70s was hit by a tree. Her husband saw her slipping out of her tent and called 911. He rushed to the scene and told her to keep breathing.