Musk Reveals Plans to Expand Twitter’s Reach

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has spoken about his plans to expand the reach of Twitter from its current position which he described as “niche”, stating that he wanted “most of America” to use the platform.

Musk has agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion, and is expected to ring the changes on completion of the deal. The billionaire has already suggested a number of new features he plans to implement, and speculation is rife that the 50-year-old will integrate crypto payment options given his continued promotion of digital currencies.

For now Musk has mostly kept quiet on his plans to increase Twitter’s revenue, but it is clear from his latest comments that he wants to build on the 40 million daily users from the US that the social media platform currently has.

“Right now it’s sort of niche,” Musk told reporters at the annual Met Gala in New York. “I want a much bigger percentage of the country to be on it, engaging in dialogue.”

He added that he wanted Twitter to be “as broadly inclusive as possible, where ideally most of America is on it and talking”.

The Tesla CEO also pledged to make Twitter more transparent, outlaying plans to make information on how tweets are promoted or demoted available to the public.

Rumors have been circulating that a number of employees are concerned about the direction the company may take under Musk, with talk of mass resignations. Asked about possible mass walkouts, Musk replied in classic blasé style that “it’s a free country”.

“Certainly if anyone doesn’t feel comfortable with that, they will on their on accord go somewhere else. That’s fine,” he added.