Germany is keen to Pursue Gas Projects With Senegal, Says Scholz

German chancellor Olaf Scholz

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is keen to explore joint projects with Senegal, a country that has long battled Islamic extremists. The country’s gas reserves could make gas exports from Senegal an attractive option for the European nation, which is eager to tap the potential of the African market. But what exactly is Scholz looking for? A gas pipeline that would serve Senegal’s needs and generate revenue for both countries?

The two countries have already initiated talks to explore opportunities to reduce their reliance on Russian gas. The two countries are aiming to jointly develop renewable energy projects, with the country supplying liquefied natural gas to Europe. Scholz says Germany is keen to pursue gas projects with Senegal, but did not elaborate on how this could happen. Meanwhile, Senegalese President Macky Sall has said that the two countries should work together on LNG issues.

The two countries can also help each other diversify their energy sources. Senegal has been investing heavily in solar energy and could prove to be a solar energy pioneer. Furthermore, South Africa, which is heavily reliant on coal imports, needs to diversify its energy sources and switch to cleaner fuels. South Africa, which has been struggling to meet its energy demand since 2008, could benefit from a partner like Germany that can provide both investment and technical know-how.

German energy minister Scholz has said that Germany is keen to explore gas projects with Senegal. The African country has billions of cubic meters of reserves and is expected to be one of the major gas producers in the region. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Berlin is trying to cut its reliance on Russian gas. In recent weeks, Germany has invited Senegal and South Africa to join the G7 summit.