Bag of Tomatoes Thrown at Emmanuel Macron During Market Visit

Security services cover Emmanuel Macron after a projectile is launched

Emmanuel Macron was almost hit by a bag of tomatoes during a visit to a crowded market in Cergy, northwest of Paris.

Footage caught by French broadcaster BFM TV shows the bag of fruit fly over the head of the French leader before hitting two men standing beside him.

Macron appeared oblivious to the incident as it took place, before his security detail quickly ushered him away from any potential danger.

The president appeared unfazed and quickly returned to his meet and greet duties once it had been established there was no further threat.

It is unclear who threw the projectile, and witnesses at the scene report that nobody was apprehended.

Macron had been making his first public appearance since seeing off the threat of Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s election, with the incumbent seeing off his far-right rival by 58.5% to 41.5%. Besides the one incident of fruit-throwing the tone was generally friendly, with most shaking hands and posing for selfies with the president.

Some residents made their views clear though that they felt Macron needed to do more in his second term.

“Don’t just come here for the photos,” one woman told the president.

Others highlighted problems with finding work or meeting rising living costs, asking Macron how he planned to address these issues. The 44-year-old assured those he spoke to that their comments were taken seriously, promising action.