Ukrainian Officials Say Russian Military Only Has Three Days Of Supplies

Scenes of destruction in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, the target of extensive Russian shelling

Ukrainian officials have claimed that Russian forces in the country only have enough supplies of fuel, food and ammunition left to continue their offensive for a further three days, following a breakdown in supply chains to the front line.

The claims made by Kyiv are yet to be corroborated but have been described as “plausible” by western officials.

“We do think that the Russian forces have used a lot of material including particular categories of weapons and we have seen isolated reports of particular units that have lacked supplies of one sort or another,” a report from the Ukrainian armed forces general command said.

“It is consistent with an advance which has ground to a halt. Failures in the logistic chain has been one of the reasons they have not been as effective as they hoped.”

The report further claimed that Ukrainian forces had “dealt devastating blows to clusters of enemy equipment and manpower, conducted air battles and intercepted air targets”, stating that they had repelled at least 13 attacks and destroyed numerous Russian military vehicles.

The Ukrainian assessment of the situation on the ground is believed to be generally accurate, with intelligence services from other nations also reporting that the Russian advance is moving a lot slower than Vladimir Putin had hoped.

A Pentagon official, speaking on condition of anonymity, appeared to concur, saying that supply shortages along with the heavy losses encountered we causing serious damage to morale amongst Russian troops.

“They’re struggling on many fronts,” the official said.

Reports from the UK defense ministry also state that what has been described as a “special military operation” by Putin has been far from smooth sailing up to now, with Ukrainian resistance to the invasion proving to be much sturdier than anticipated.

“Russian forces elsewhere in Ukraine have endured yet another day of limited progress with most forces largely stalled in place,” the ministry said in a statement.