Malta Goes to Polls With Labour Expected to Win Third Term

Robert Abela, leader of the Maltese Labour Party

Maltese voters are headed to the polls this weekend with a clear preference for a Labour victory. The last election was marked by low turnout – 85.5% – and a number of controversial issues. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cast a shadow over the campaign. Grech’s alleged corruption did not appear to affect his performance, but the death of Caruana Galizia will continue to haunt Labour.

The election was marred by coronavirus restrictions, and the conflict with Ukraine overshadowed the campaign. The Electoral Commission predicted that turnout would be below 90 percent – the lowest since the first polls were conducted in 1955. Despite the low turnout, Labour’s record in handling the recent COVID-19 pandemic and government support for businesses have helped it to retain its lead.

The voting process in Malta is proportional, with the centre-left Labour Party expected to win the election with a majority. The country has had one political party with a majority since 1964. The centre-right Nationalist Party, led by lawyer Bernard Grech, is expected to make its presence felt in the elections. While polls have shown that Labour will win the election, the Nationalists remain the main opposition party.

After promising a greener, more democratic Malta, the ruling Labour party has claimed victory in the national elections. The official results have yet to be announced, but the party is expected to win a bigger victory than the previous two. Abela would take over as prime minister, replacing Joseph Muscat, who will step down as prime minister in January 2020 after a scandal involving Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Aside from Joseph Muscat’s party winning a majority of seats in the House of Representatives, the election will also see the first election held under the new government. The Maltese people are well aware of the political situation in Malta and will vote accordingly. The country’s political parties have their own agendas. However, the election will determine which political parties will form the next government. This is one of the most important elections in recent years and will help in the future.