Golden Circle Capital To Hold Critical Global Investment Conference

August 8, 2018 – Golden Circle Capital will host its Global Investment Conference in its Hong Kong office on Tuesday 9th October 2018.

Golden Circle Capital’s Conference will be focussing on the current global investment climate.

The Conference, which aims to promote constructive dialogue between international investors, will attract over 150 investors globally.

Golden Circle Capital’s Chief Investment Officer, Ms. Debbie Chen commented on the upcoming forum and said: “Numerous topics will be discussed at length while also having an in-depth discussion  on Iran and other counties who are wanting to trade in Euros as opposed to the US dollar.  The Conference will also feature a number international investor guests who will address key topics of the global investment climate and economic unrest in certain parts of the world.”

“The country choice for investments is a big factor when thinking of performance and returns. The global market is particularly correlated to external factors, namely, commodities. Another factor behind this high correlation is the still significant role of cross-border wholesale funding as foreign investors continue to dominate portfolio’s in the stock market.”

Since our inception, we have created and developed our clients’ interests and supported their pursuit of financial growth. Golden Circle Capital is one of the leading investment advisory firms in Asia, with a network spanning across the globe. Specializing in asset allocation, with an emphasis on sustainable strategies, Golden Circle Capital practices a client-based business ethic; through a professional and collaborative relationship, we seek to broaden investments and portfolios by understanding you and your situation. By evaluating existing client interests and financial holdings, we seek to use our market position to deliver opportunities to consolidate your finances.

With Golden Circle Capital controlling over $3 billion in investments for our clients, we have attracted some of the world’s pre-eminent and most recognizable business people. Trusted for our confidentiality and valued for our ability to deliver results, we have developed a network of interests and trusted partners who we work together with to gain an edge in the market through the identification of potential investments.

With our primary focus on Asia and our global headquarters located in Hong Kong whilst also having regional offices located in Taipei, Shanghai and Tokyo, with interests in both developing and developed markets. When seeking out new investment opportunities, we evaluate options in markets where saturation is still low and growth potential is high, principally in Asia due to the burgeoning middle class, increasing subsequent consumer appetite and market innovation.