Putin Says No Quick Solution In Afghanistan

Vladimir Putin

November 15, 2016 – Russia’s presidential envoy to Afghanistan has said there is no cheap and quick solution in Afghanistan, blaming foreign forces that have been deployed in the country for 15 years.

Zamir Kabulov, President Vladimir Putin’s special envoy to Afghanistan and the Foreign Ministry’s director of the Second Asian Department, spoke to Anadolu Agency in Moscow about the situation in Afghanistan, developments in the region, and Russian foreign policy.

Kabulov said that the situation in Afghanistan has aroused deep concern. “Today in Afghanistan there are not three important elements such as the economy, good governance, and strong armed forces. The absence of these three elements creates anxiety and pessimism. It is very difficult to offer a solution in these conditions. There is no cheap and quick solution in Afghanistan right now.”

Kabulov said the situation in Central Asia originating from Afghanistan could pose a threat to Russia’s national security, adding that the worsening of the situation in Afghanistan would negatively affect the region.

“As countries in the region, we are in favor of Afghanistan’s stability, because this is our common area and what happens there directly affects us,” Kabulov said.

Kabulov stated that Russia supports the Kabul administration, but stressed that it does not mean that they are ignoring administrative failures, adding, “In today’s conditions, the future of Afghanistan is quite bleak. But it does not mean it will be bad in the future because everything is bad. We will work to prevent Afghanistan from sliding into chaos. “

On Russia’s support for Afghanistan, Kabulov also said, “This year we gave 10,000 Kalashnikovs to Afghan police. We have already given similar assistance. Every year we train Afghan police and soldiers. We have humanitarian aid directly and through the UN.”

Kabulov said Russian businessmen had not invested in Afghanistan due to various reasons, and are not considering investing large sums there.