Hong Kong’s FSG appoints Head of Aviation

October 3, 2016 – Hong Kong-owned Frontier Services Group (FSG) has appointed Michael O’Brien as its new head of aviation, based in Malta. He will oversee the operator’s worldwide fleet of over 20 aircraft and aviation subsidiaries.

In addition, the company is extending its reach into Kazakhstan, to take advantage of expanded trade opportunities from China’s One Belt, One Road initiative to connect Asia with the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

FSG interim chief executive, Dr Dongyi Hua, said O’Brien would bring “nearly 35 years of industry experience covering cargo, passenger and VIP aviation across Africa, Asia and Europe.”

Chairman, Erik Prince, added that the new appointment and expansion into Malta and Kazakhstan would allow FSG to combine its entire logistics offering, including air, ground and sea, together with our security services, medical evacuation and supply chains between China, Asia and Africa.