Charred Body Of Bangladeshi Found In Malaysia

September 26, 2016 – The investigators identified the victim as Syed Ali, who is likely to be in his 40s. A passport found on him is carrying the number BC0214534.

Police believe Ali was killed elsewhere and his body was brought to the beach and set on fire, Malaysian state news agency Bernama reported.

They said locals rushed to the spot Sunday midnight after they saw fire and smoke billowing from the beach area. There they found the burnt body.

Kuala Langat district police chief Jailan Tasir said people found the body with face down.

Most of his body was burnt and his back and forehead bore injury marks from a sharp instrument, the police chief said.

“We are not dismissing the possibility of a murder being committed somewhere else and then attempts were made to destroy evidence by burning the body,” Jainal was quoted as saying by Bernama.

He said the victim had rings in each of the two fingers in both hands and his passport was recovered from his wallet, Jainal said.

Other evidences found on the scene were: a 10-ringgit and a 20- ringgit notes, recovered from the front pocket of his shirt, and a lid of a Castrol engine oil container which was probably used in setting the fire.

Barnama reported that a murder case had been filed.