100,000 Police Officers To Secure G7 Summit Area

100,000 Police Officers To Secure G7 Summit Area

May 25, 2016 – A record-setting 100,000 police officers will maintain security at the G7 Summit.

The summit venue and the airport where world leaders are expected to arrive will be secured by nearly 23,000 police.

Another 70,000 law enforcement officials will guard 3,500 major stations, shopping districts, and other so-called soft targets of less secure sites where people converge, the channel added.

Up to 4,500 will be on duty during US President Barack Obama’s visit to Hiroshima, the city that the United States dropped an atomic bomb on to force Japan’s surrender in World War II.

Most of the G7 leaders are expected to arrive for the summit via the Chubu Centrair International Airport in Aichi today.