Eden Brewery Of Cumbria Heading To Japan

Cumbrian Beer To Be Sold In Japan

February 26, 2016 – The managing director of Eden Brewery, Jason Hill, is travelling to Japan this week as part of trip organised by UK Trade and Investment.

During the week long trip, Mr Hill will meet with local distributors and potential customers in Tokyo and Osaka, to see whether new markets are available to the Penrith-based brewery.

He said: “In common with lots of people across the world, the Japanese have developed a taste for high quality, seriously tasty beer, which stands out from the mass produced, bland beer on offer from the big breweries.

“We have built a good name for ourselves locally and nationally, but we want to expand and find new markets across the world.

“We back the quality of our beer to measure up against any other brewery in the world and I am hoping to return having made some really valuable contacts.”

Japan has been identified as a key emerging market for craft beer, and Jason is planning to market some of the more experimental ‘Psycho’ range of beer, which uses a wide range of exciting ingredients.