Ministry Of Finance Strengthens Partnership With Islamic Development Bank

Ministry Of Finance Strengthens Partnership With Islamic Development Bank

October 28, 2015 -As part of its ongoing strategy to strengthen the UAE’s status and relations with various international institutions and financial authorities, the Ministry of Finance (MoF), in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank and the United Nations Office for Sustainable Development in South Korea; is hosting an international “National Development Strategies and Plans” workshop, for the Middle East and Central Asia this week. The workshop is being attended by representatives of 14 regional and global countries.

The list of participating countries in the workshop, which started today in Abu Dhabi and will conclude on October 29th, include Azerbaijan, Canada, Djibouti, Egypt, South Korea, Iraq, Malaysia, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand and Turkey. Attendees include representatives from MoF, the General Secretariat of the UAE Cabinet, Central Bank of and the Ministry of International Cooperation and Development.

The workshop features a range of activities, including training sessions, meetings and discussions amongst participating delegations. Participants will review what the UAE has achieved over the past four decades to strengthen and reinforce its economic role globally, and the sustainability plans and strategies it has implemented at a national level. The strategies include all general and sectorial policies, programmes and recommendations that have been implemented to achieve the goals set out in the UAE Vision 2021.

Participants will also discuss the “Exploration of Existing Practices and Opportunities” for mainstreaming the 2030 agenda recently implemented by the United Nations to achieve sustainable development for mankind.

H.E. Khalid Al Bustani, Assistant Undersecretary for International Financial Relations Sector at MoF said: “MoF’s role in organising this international event reflects its commitment to support sustainable development strategies in the UAE, especially following the United Nations’ recent implementation of its sustainable development plan for the next 15 years, which prioritises the eradication of poverty, providing educational opportunities, healthcare, strengthening the role of women and tackling global warming.”

H.E. stressed MoF’s commitment to continuing to work with its various local, regional and international partners, in order to exchange knowledge and experiences, and strengthen the UAE’s status as a regional and international hub for sustainable development initiatives around the world.

The three-day workshop agenda includes two training sessions. The first session will cover “GovernAbilities – Planning and Governance Tools at the Nexus of Sustainability, Accountability and Adaptability”, and the second session will focus on “linking MDBs Strategies to National/Regional/Thematic Strategies”. A special session will also be held to provide perspectives on national development planning practices in Malaysia.